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The Powerall is a multitasking battery capable of charging a cell phone and jump starting a car. A dead car battery and no jumper cables in sight….it’s an unfortunate predicament many of us have found ourselves in. A product, called the Powerall, has caught good attention at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.What's remarkable is that it’s capable of charging a cell phone as well as jump starting a car. The 12000-mAh battery also has a built in flashlight.The innovative battery has two usb ports, allowing it to hold about 6 phone charges. The 400 amp engine starter is able to jumpstart a car battery up to 20 times, so long as the Powerall is fully charged. As an added bonus, it is small enough both in weight and mass, to carry around in a purse or pocket, although admittedly its better suited in the trunk or glove box.The Powerall reportedly holds its full charge from anywhere between 3 and 6 months, so it’s recommended to check it and juice up once every season. What