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In October 2012 foreign currency exchange rate in Iran hiked to unprecedented highs from around 10000 Rials per dollar to double and then triple that amount. On October 2013 the new head of Central Bank of Iran, Valiollah Seif, in on one of his first formal statements stated that exchange rate of 30000 Rials for each dollar is a stable price and Central bank of Iran does not support the exchange rate becoming lower. Many people, parliamentarians and other officials supporting a stronger national currency said that such statements should not have been announced. Seif, now says that he is for a logical reduction of foreign exchange rate. Professor Hashem Pesaran, a renowned economic expert and a Nobel Prize nominee says that the price of foreign currency should not necessarily be constant Advisor for Economic Affairs to President stated that merging formal and informal foreign exchange markets can also be effective. Experts say that as a remedy Iran should not in a sudden way inject its oil revenue into the market in a way to cause the phenomenon of Dutch disease