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In Israel, Ariel Sharon was widely seen as a trailblazing warrior-statesman whose battlefield bravery and brilliance earned him hero status in his homeland.Euronews asked people in Tel Aviv how they would remember Sharon.“A very resourceful commander in the army,” said one young man. “For what he did in the Yom Kippur war, I think every Israeli knows what he did there more or less…going against his commander’s orders and doing what he really felt was the right thing and it was indeed the right thing to do.”Another man said: “I remember him as a great man of the world. He was a man…a human being. He liked to laugh. He liked to do the right things.”He praised Sharon’s ability to take action quickly when needed, adding: “He was a big man…His mentality was big. He was a strong man.”“I remember him as a great man,” said one young woman. “He did a lot of things for this country. He is really, you could say, maybe a hero. A real great part of history and it was very sad the way thin