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Never say M. Night Shyamalan has hit rock bottom, because if there's one thing M. Night knows how to do -- besides how to put unnecessary twist endings on his movies -- it's how to reach new filmmaking lows. After a directorial debut starring Rosie O'Donnell that no one remembers, Shyamalan peaked with 1999's The Sixth Sense - a film that built up so much goodwill, Shymalan is still finding ways to exhaust it 15 years later. Unbreakable was an interesting -- if slow-paced -- origin tale, and Signs was probably the last watchable movie the former wunderkind made before his recycling of his scripts and insistence on twists became laughable, and worse, incredibly predictable. People thought Lady in the Water would be his worst film until The Happening came out. Then The Happening was the worst until The Last Airbender arrived. Now we have After Earth to point at as proof that Shyamalan doesn't have any of the chops that made The Sixth Sense a word-of-mouth sensation. If we were betting, we'd say his next film is doomed to be a derivative hodge-podge of the one good idea Shyamalan ever had -- so expect a twist.