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As one of the godfathers of the '70s' resurgence of auteur films, Francis Ford Coppola gave us some of the greatest films ever made, like The Godfather and The Godfather II, The Conversation and Apocalypse Now. He also gave us 1996's abomination Jack, starring Robin Williams. Where exactly Coppola lost his midas touch is debatable. Many movie aficionados would argue that The Godfather III marked the end of Coppola's fruitful output, but that would discredit 1992's Dracula, which was visually impressive enough earn a bunch of awards. One could safely say that Dracula was the last good FFC movie. Since then, Coppola has sought to re-embrace his youthful creativity with efforts like arthouse snoozers like Tetro and Twixt. With nothing on his slate so far in 2014, it seems likely that Coppola will be focusing on his vineyards more than his next underdeveloped movie idea.