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Turkey’s deputy police chief has been sacked the highest rank yet to fall victim to the purge instigated by the government with claims the police and judiciary are trying to undermine it.In another twist Istanbul prosecutor Zekeriya Oz who was leading part of the ongoing corruption investigation has claimed jurists sent by the prime minister threatened him.Recip Tayyip Erdogan currently on a visit to Japan has argued cleric Fetullah Gulen a one time ally of the PM who lives in self-imposed exile in the US influenced the police and judiciary in the corruption investigation. The visible and bitter deepening internal power struggle could affect Turkey’s bid for EU membership. Commission spokesman Olivier Bailly gave his view to reporters.“These steps could undermine the current investigations and capacity of the judiciary and the police to investigate matters in an independent manner,” he said.The government has purged hundreds of police since the scandal erupted last month. Details of the corruption allegations have not been made public but are believed to involve construction projects.Oral Calislar, a political analyst said: “Because of this attack by the police and judiciary the government is trying to find ways to control them, what it is doing is not the right way But It is also wrong to say these undemocratic ways are good since they will take this government down.” In a further development Erdogan’s AK Party has put forward plans to parliament to allow government more say over the appointment of prosecutors and judges. Our correspondent in Istanbul Bora Bayraktar says: “The changes in the police department following the corruption probe has divided the Turkish public. Some believe that there is an attempt to unseat the government while others think Ankara is trying to cover up the probe and the divisions are getting deeper.”