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Temperature records have tumbled as the extreme cold continues to envelop Canada and much of the United States. In New York minus 16 Celsius was a new all time low for the city with strong gusting winds making it feel far colder.At least nine deaths have been reported across the country connected with the sweeping arctic air mass known as a ‘polar vortex.’New York construction worker Dennis James has had enough:“You can’t even walk in this, man. You can’t even sleep, you can’t do nothing. We’re ready for the summer time. Summer, we’re ready for you.”Even Atlanta in the normally mild south hit a 44-year low of minus 14. But it was Minnesota that experienced the lowest temperature on Tuesday, that of minus 37 Celsius – colder than even readings recently taken on the Red planet by the Mars Rover!Economically the cold snap could cost the US billions in lost productivity and sales, but if the fridge-like air is expected to depart by the end of the week, that is not soon enough for some.