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MagnaCarta 2 (마그나카르타 2) is a video game developed by South Korean developer Softmax and published by Banpresto exclusively for Xbox 360. Although the game suggests it's a sequel, MagnaCarta 2 is not connected to it's original for the PS2. MagnaCarta II is an average RPG. Nothing amazing, nothing horrible. My one big gripe with this game is that there are practically no true cutscenes. I like the animation, storytelling, etc. But in this game there are these weird dialogue breaks where you're pressing X to advance it, and there are two characters and a text box. If there are more than 2 characters talking, they slide in and out like they're being pulled by a hook. It's silly, and since they obviously had the technology to animate full cutscenes, I felt pretty cheated that they chose the basically frozen conversation method they use. The music is pretty good. I felt that it fit the locales perfectly. It's calm when it needs to be, Lots of drumming and whatnot in the battle areas, and the towns are all cheery and have that "Bazaar" feel to them. The music is really well done, but none of it really stood out. MagnaCarta II has one of those complex fight systems that take forever to adjust to and send fingers flying over the controller. You are perpetual shifting characters, changing spells and attacks, and working up to combinations. Usually by the time you get a character lined up to deliver the final blow the freeze from exhaustion and you have to bring up and other character and fit them in as well. There never seems to be a rhythm to the battle, and if I were to pick out the game's worst flaw this would be it. Overall MagnaCarta 2 is just another in a long line of average JRPG games.