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or IFW5_1 The stretching before the match shows everybody a perfectly fit Mia and an Andrea as lovely as ever. The armwrestling is good to exchange smiles and establish the challenge with sharp gazes. Then it’s time to wrestle. Mia is very agile, has great strength to test Andrea’s stamina, and attacks without hesitation. Andrea suffers, her back blocked to the mat way more often than she’s used to. The match has no break, Mia’s energy is endless, spectacular headlocks and neckscissors flow without interruption. Mia has a real fighting background and Andrea is worried as she gets counted to 3 or 4 too often. This is just the beginning as the match is an unbelievable “crescendo” where Mia wants to break Andrea’s resistance in a final way, but the more she pushes the more Andrea doesn’t accept the idea of defeat! What happens next? Enough saying that the last 3 minutes are worth the price alone. This is unquestionably the best video produced at IFW so far and we can proudly say that it definitely brings IFW to a new level. As a side note, we get to see the first real deliberate breast smother in a IFW competitive match, you can guess by whom... :)