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or IFW3_3 Robi in a generous black top and Ginevra in a shining purple cheerleader-like uniform get ready for this match. As an introduction, the left arm armwrestling goes on for more than 1 minute, just to show how neither of them is available to concede. The fight starts, Robi tries with a tight headlock, Ginevra answers with a straddle pin. Ginevra gains the upper hand, again we have pins and a lethal headlock/scissor combo... Robi is in trouble and Ginevra really wants to go for a full body pin or grapevine pin, achieving multiple counts to 3 or 4, as Robi seems not capable to react and just resists as much as she can with her wrists pinned to the mat. The question is: is Robi's resistance enough for the whole match? Will she be able to come back and surprise all of us in the end?