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or IFW7_3 These two ladies step onto the mats to face each other for the first time, Olly with a new hairstyle, sexier than ever and Mia with her trademark smirk. The atmosphere from the off is tense, unlike any other match we’ve shot thus far. After the first clash of bodies Mia takes control, scissoring Olly and torturing her with an agonisingly long hold. Looking relaxed, Mia clearly enjoys hurting the bigger woman, whilst Olly suffers and screams, but this is one girl who simply does not know how to quit! It is almost as if Olly would rather pass out than tap out, and it begins to look that way at several key points; for her part, Mia is convinced that she will teach the stubborn Olly the meaning of the word ‘submission’ Mia mocks Olly after a break, and the two women argue over counting, and Olly’s cautious attitude and style. At one point, goading her opponent Mia even calls ‘come here and fight!’. The tension is so tight by the end of the match you could cut it with a knife, and after breaking apart, when they clash a third time it isn’t a fight, it’s a volcanic eruption!