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A steakhouse in New York is offering a New Year's Eve dinner for two for an astounding $10,000. Millions of people spend a huge amount of money to make their New Years eve special.A steak house in New York is offering a memorable new years eve dinner for two for an astounding $10,000. For that price, diners get a five course meal. Two pounds of caviar along with a poached pear and goat cheese salad get you started.Leading upto the main course, customers are served lemon sorbet and wine. As for the entrée itself, it includes ‘South African lobster tail with black truffle’ and rare Kobe steak. If that isn’t quite enough, dessert is a three layer thick chocolate torte with raspberry and gold leaf in addition to cognac pudding. The owner of the restaurant, Empire Steakhouse spoke of the elaborate New Year's meal stating “The economy is improving. People come ready to spend the money…. Especially for New Year's Eve, people want to do something special — to celebrate with some of the best food and wine.” What do you think of the 10 thousand dollar dinner?