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========================== = #LawstinWoods Synopsis ==== ========================== Series Synopsis: #LawstinWoods follows the story of 6 strangers who were taken from their lives and placed in woods called the "Lawstin Woods." The mysterious name of the woods happens to parallel their own misfortune, which is that they are all lost in woods. While trapped in the mystical forest they struggle to get answers, while they fight to stay alive. All the while a small group of people who claim to be residents of the Lawstin Woods taunt those who're lost, but never give the gang answers. Instead they appear to simply toy with them. *#LawstinWoods 'airs' once a week, exclusively online, on Wednesdays! Don't forget to share! (This video was 'leaked' on a Monday, 2 days before its scheduled release. This will not happen again :) *Now hiring all positions for season 2. Visit the official facebook page for deets: Podcast for this video can be viewed here: ========================== = #Lawstin Promos ========== ========================== Today's paid commercial was promoting Krista Dyer Cosmetics: Want to promote something of your own? Find out how by visiting the "Advertise With Us" tab on our official website: ========================== = More #LawstinWoods Stuff === ========================== For podcasts, trailers, behind the scenes, and other awesome stuff from this series, you can visit us at our official website: For more information on #LW, check us out on IMDB: ========================== = #LawstinWoods Stars ======= ========================== Conor Liam Bolton Ken Holmes Mike Kane Julian Lowenthal Jeffrey Mathews Kyle Millard Jamie Morgan Jeannie Rice Bradley Voorhees *To check out the actors visit and visit the "Actor Contact" tab. ========================== =...