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Papers lead on the anti-Semitic comic Dieudonné, who Interior Minister Manuel Valls wants banned. The comedian's anti-Semitism is headline news outside France as well after footballer Nicolas Anelka did a "quenelle" - a downward-pointing Nazi salute - in support of the comic during a match in the UK. Also in this review, Sarkonostalgia ... and the French are not the moaners and pessimists you might think. Join us for this edition.Get the France 24 press review on your iPhone or become a fan on Facebook. Some articles from today’s French press review: Libération on govt response to comedian Dieudonné and his anti-Semitic remarks Le Figaro on thorny question of censoring Dieudonné Libération on Nicolas Sarkozy’s rising popularityLe Parisien encourages the French to be optimistic fore 2014 with three commandments on how to be positive in lifeVisit our website:http://www.france24.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: