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UN condemnation of Israel’s continuing demolitions of Palestinian homes casts a cold light on peace.Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, euronews: “After three years of zero progress, Palestinian-Israeli negotiations have begun again, hoping to reach a resolution that may lead the Palestinians to achieve their hope of establishing their own independent state, alongside the state of Israel. To shed more light on the challenges faced by both parties in the negotiations, we welcome Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat. About four months of relaunched negotiations have passed; have any tangible results been achieved?”Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat: “I can’t say there have been any real results because of Israeli behaviour away from the negotiating table since the beginning of negotiations again on 29 July. This resulted in the killing of 31 Palestinians in cold blood, in addition to the Israelis introducing tenders for the construction of 5,992 housing units – which is equivalent to three times normal growth in New York City! Moreover, 209 houses and other Palestinian constructions were destroyed, and there were attacks on the al-Aqsa mosque, plus a rising of terrorist actions by the settlers by 41 percent and a tightening of the siege on the Gaza strip. This kind of behaviour means one thing: that the Israeli government is determined to destroy the negotiations.”euronews: “The latest statements from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu show that he will not stop the settlements even for an hour. It seems that you are negotiating only with Tzipi Livni, and not the Israeli government, is that right?”Erekat: “The Israeli government bears responsibility for the settlements. The Israeli prime minister has already chosen settlements rather than negotiation. He chose to dictate rather than pursue the peace process. Therefore, the Israeli government bears all the responsibility for this crisis in negotiations.”euronews: “What are the basic disagreement points between you and...