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Directed by : Laurent Chevallier Produced by : Les Poissons Volants Genre: Documentary - Runtime: 1 h 40 min French release: 28/02/2001 Production year: 2000 An acrobat circus has just seen the light of day in Conakry: thirty boys and girls from the streets, uneducated children, talented dancers and percussionists. March 1, 2000, the Circus Baobab troupe is ready to start its first tour of Guinea. A major tour lasting six weeks, taking in three cities, traveling four thousand kilometers and penetrating deep into the heartland of the country. Coated with red road dust, the strange, multifarious convoy pulls into an upcountry stadium. As if by magic, a huge stage arises and an amazing baobab tree made of metal, teak and mahogany emerges from it. The first trapezes are hung from it. Spotlights suddenly light up this village, where electricity is a rare commodity. A colossal crowd throngs together to see the great event. Djembes begin to thump, dancers leap, trapeze artists fly, acrobats contort, fire-eaters light up the night; the audience can’t believe its eyes. The more the tour wends its way deeper into heart of the country, the more the young acrobats in the troupe discover that a circus is also a training for life.More info: