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Approximately 19,000 adorable baby chicks are still alive, fully capable of bringing joy to onlookers, after an exceptionally brave man saved their lives. Some creatures have an incredible ability to melt human hearts. One example is baby chicks.In a heartwarming report, roughly 19,000 adorable baby chicks are alive, thanks to a brave man who saved their lives.A fire broke out in a chicken house located in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Thankfully the owner of the property, Roger Martin, was there at the time of the blaze.The quick thinking and softhearted male immediately rushed to another section of the building once he spotted the smoke. He opened the door, hoping the chicks would be able to escape the flames.The simple action saved most of the chickens. They hurriedly waddled out the opening and headed outdoors to safety.All but a handful of the chicks survived, and no human injuries were reported. Firefighters were called to the scene to put out the flames. It’s believed an electrical malfunction is the cause of the fire. The roof of the chicken structure encountered the most damage, estimated to be about $8,000 worth.