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TV AND WEB RESTRICTIONS~****~ --STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES-- A checkpoint becomes a battle ground in Central African Republic. On Friday, three Seleka rebels were killed after they were caught with weapons at an African Union checkpoint. (SOUNDBITE) (French) SELEKA COLONEL, OUSMANE SHAIBOU, SAYING: "They went to search the vehicle in front of us, and they saw a weapon inside, and that's how it started. They took the weapon and asked everyone to come out, and they came out of the car and amongst them there was someone who had a grenade and he took out the grenade, and that's how the shooting started. That's what happened." The soldier in charge of the checkpoint says his job is now to restore security. (SOUNDBITE) (French) LT COL. FROM BURUNDI, HEAD OF THE A.U. UNIT AT CHECKPOINT, PONTIEN CHAKIZIMANA, SAYING: "We've just calmed people down, we told them to go inside and that we will start, as of now, to secure their neighborhood. Starti