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Nick from The Continue Show has got all your Mass Effect info today on Lore! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Follow us on Twitter! - - - - - - - - -Written by Phil by Nick from The ContinueShow by Scott - - - - - - - - -TRANSCRIPT:Nearly 3000 years before humanity became a spacefaring race, the Asari had discovered the Citadel, a mass relay junction point that served as a hub for interstellar travel. They were soon joined by the Salarians, and the two established a governing body aboard the space station known as the Council. Over the next 500 years, the Council inducted other races into their galactic community and expanded their reach, activating mass relays wherever they could find them.And right on cue, the Council runs into the the Rachni, a hostile and ruthless race controlled by a hive-mind. The Rachni overwhelmed the Citadel races with its sheer numbers, but with the help of the Krogan and some Salarian home-schooling, the Rachni were exterminated and activating suspicious interstellar transit systems was forbidden. Then, some 400 years later, the Council again found itself at the mercy of another war, this time against the Krogans who had reproduced in extraordinary numbers and rebelled. The war lasted for a century until the Council discovered the Turians, who delivered the Salarian-developed genophage that rendered all Krogan copulation fruitless. At long last, there was peace... until the humans arrived with newly-discovered Prothean tech in tow. Human explorers were instantly destroyed by the Turians for activating a mass relay, sparking the First Contact War, but the Council eventually brokered peace between the warring races and granted humans an embassy on the Citadel. With humanity now a rising power on the galactic stage, it's up to the newly...