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Dodger is going to spoil Tomb Raider today on Lore! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!Follow us on Twitter! - - - - - - - - -Written by Phil by Dodger by Jeremy - - - - - - - - -Lara's journey begins aboard the Endurance where she's able to convince the crew to travel into the Dragon's Triangle, the location of the lost kingdom, Yamatai. The Endurance is snapped in two during a violent storm and Lara miraculously makes it to the shores of a nearby island, as does the rest of the crew. Lara wakes up in a sacrificial cave, escapes from her captor, and finds Sam completely enthralled by a campfire story told by a creepy-looking man who promptly kidnaps her.Lara reunites with the rest of the crew and breaks off with Whitman to search for the still-missing Roth. They're captured by the Solarii and Lara is forced to kill to save her life . Then, totally disregarding the trauma killing for the first time, Lara slaughters her way to Roth, where they make contact with a rescue plane that's swiftly struck down by another storm.Now hot on Sam's trail, she's foiled by Mathias, who is in turn foiled by Samurai demons. Lara is knocked out and and wakes up in a monastery, where she makes yet another escape and infiltrates the Solarii fortress just as Mathias is about to put Sam through a fire ritual. A mysterious gust of wind extinguishes the fires and Lara narrowly escapes again as she's separated from Sam.Roth comes to her rescue in a helicopter but it crash-lands nearby, allowing Mathias and his men to surround them. Roth takes a tomahawk in the back to save Lara and the remaining survivors devise a plan to get off the island because they obviously haven't looked at the weather forecast. Lara heads back to the Endurance to grab some tools and finds Alex pinned...