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Totalbiscuit is here with your DOTA 2 Lore! for a new Lore every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!Follow us on Twitter! is Polaris? - - - - - - - - -Written by Phil by TotalBiscuit by Fungasm - - - - - - - - -In a distant world eons ago, the ancient intellects of the Radiant and Dire were locked into perpetual war. With no end in sight, the Primordials that dwelled amongst them punished the two by forever sealing them within a rock... then flinging it into space where it would travel to absolutely nowhere for an eternity.But of course they buggered that up and the rocky prison found its home within the gravitational field of a strange new world, where it became a glowing sphere known as the Mad Moon. For centuries, the Mad Moon orbited this world while its dormant energies watched primitive societies rise and fall. Its prisoners, however, were busily chipping away at its crust. Weakened by eons of gravitational stress, the Mad Moon finally shattered in suitably apocalyptic and awesome fashion. Fragments fell into the world where its inhabitants fed on its mysterious energies and unsurprisingly became moonrock addicts.So like any magic junky, these civilizations built shrines to worship the Ancients that had inexplicably sprung from the ground, though they only possessed only a fraction of their former power, and naturally, the only way to return to full strength was to obliterate the other Ancient. Repeatedly. So on that account, the Radiant and the Dire got back to what made for a really outstanding custom map for WarCraft 3 - an endless deathmatch between Heroes who have, without prudence, come to the defense of the ancients.Good fortune to you brave hero, may you seldom ever be cursed with an enemy Phantom Lancer or a team-mate that randomed Meepo...