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Downloads Available Here: So I've been reading a webcomic called Prequel lately: I noticed that, though there were instumental fan songs, there was nothing vocal, so here's a song dedicated to the one and only Katia F. Managan, who has gone through so much suffering. Artwork by Prophet Lord: Thanks to Tim Wilson for helping with a few lines of the lyrics. Thanks to David, Navin and Dylan. You didn't help with the lyrics, but you wanted to, so that's something. LYRICS: Young Khajit, from distant land, You've set your feet on brand new sands. Though your life has just begun, You've found so much from which to run. Young Khajit, we beg of thee try not to cause catastrophe. In time, you'll learn, and grow, and then, You'll prove yourself a Managan. Young Khajit, we hear your plight and hope you hold out through night. Your tale has caused our hearts to sing Majestic, radiant, like a k- Young Khajit, you've come this far Please don't lose sight of who you are. Build your power and find your stead, And heed the voices in your head.