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Available from was the first time Marco has lectured in England and he was a huge hit. Excellent twist on known routines (the method for his Gypsy Thread is outstanding) and great routines for standard effects (the Coin in Bottle is superb) make this video stand out as a practical buy for the close up worker who wants to add some not to difficult yet stunning effects to their repertoire. The lecture starts with the Gypsy Thread watch it carefully. It all happens at the fingertips and the restoration leaves even the Magicians in the audience believing they melt. slowly back together. Marco then informs the audience that he will explain this at the end of the lecture. No one dares to leaveHe then proceeds through some excellent routines... including ... color change and penetration of signed card Pack of cards transforms into solid block coin transposition novel Three Card Routine Salt and Pepper Transposition Coin in Bottle and an excellent Card under Mirror.. with a kicker finishTo do justice to such a lecture in just a few words is impossible but suffice it to say every effect is excellent ultra modern and very commercial.