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Available from The Pandora System created by Shane Black is a devious utility designed to create the best card magic imaginable. Imagine being able to have spectators signed card vanish from the deck they are holding only to reappear in a brand new sealed deck. How about performing the Invisible Deck or Brainwave routine and the spectators see the magic happen from a sealed deck that has been in THEIR hands the entire time. You can even let them open the deck and handle the cards them self. The Pandora System is handmade and designed with the worker in mind. Each piece included in the Pandora System has been designed to make using the system as easy as possible. The routine was designed to make the effect as close to self working as possible. This effect is the stuff that dreams are made of and The Pandora System is a dream to work with. QampA Is it a difficult to perform Nope in fact its real easy. If you can control a card you can use The Pandora System. Do you have to force a card No you can perform the effects on the DVD with any card the spectator chooses. Do I waste a deck every time I perform the effect No the system works on old decks of cards just the same as it works with a brand new sealed deck. Its just really cool when your spectator finds the card with her signature in a sealed deck. Do I have to wear a jacket No we teach a method that uses no jacket. Are you freaking kidding me No this thing is really that awesome.