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Published on 21 Apr 2013 This Song is about "Users," the Vast Majority of People are using each-other due to Emotional-Limitations They inherited & Ingrained-Pathology to Their reward Centre, ie What They "See" Life being All about .... Which is Why It's KEY to NEVER be Desperate to Rush into a Relationship & MAP Out The Direction You're Going in Life & Have Your Prospective Partner do the same, That Way You Can ALWAYS Check to See that The Relation+Ship Is Still On Course .... You don't want to Be Carrying a LIAR with You & "Pressing for Detail" on Any "illogical" Deviation from The Path will Expose the Villain stow-away or Resolve the Issue .... REMEMBER to Enjoy EVERY Part of The Journey & Understand that Most People lack the "Capacity" of Heart, Your Cargo-Hold NEEDS, to Make the Journey Worth-While .... The World is Full of Lunatics "Pretending" & Hoping to Deflect BLAME away from Their woeful & disowned Shortcomings, Hoping You'll "Self-Examine" & Feel Their blame, LAUNCH Them over-board or Get In A Life-Boat & Start Rowing Back to Shore Yourself .... NEVER Take Any Prisoners & NEVER Put Sex before Love .... Remember, MOST People are RUTHLESSLY After what They "want" & Therefore will try to "belittle" Your Attempts at COMMUNICATION, when Without Communication You're Sailing on a Leaking Vessel, which is DOOMED to Sink & Leave You Sinking beneath the briny Waves, looking up at Someone Laughing as You go, Sailing off Enjoying having done-it-again, to Their Chicken-brain's crusade against Objects Your Innocent Heart Represents .... Equally Importantly, A lot of HIGH CONFLICT individuals will HIDE that Fact from You & You may Also Think that Conflict "NEEDS" to be a Part of a Relationship, there Should "NEVER" Be an argument in a Relationship, as that's DESTRUCTION of The SHIP You're Sailing on .... Which is borne of COMPETITION between People Who want Control, which often Only 1 Party Knows about & is Prepared to Play the "RIGHT I'M AWAY" Card ......