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This Song illustrates why it's 100% WRONG to be in a Relationship with a Psychopath, whether You Feel The Song is about a Psychopath grieving and pleading for the Lover Who gave Them a taste of Their Own medicine to come-back or if You See it as Being Someone Who's been Reduced to a mess by Both Themselves and an Ex Who's Either a Psychopath or Who other-wise Gave Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine, rightly or wrongly + No-matter-what, a Relationship MUST Be BOTH "Fun & Easy" otherwise 1 or Both Parties are MAKING it so .... A Lot of People Believe There SHOULD be FIGHTS in Relationships & ENJOY that, however, that's irredeemably DESTRUCTIVE & also what the Megalomaniacs destroying The West WANT You to believe .... You SHOULD Be Lifting 1 Another UP & slowing down time & TALKING about Anything which has hurt You, instead of "storing-up" the inevitable + If You CAN'T Do The Basics then You Shouldn't be Wasting Anyone else's time, but I'm Sure that won't Stop You, moreover if You're Innocent & Your Partner OBSTRUCTS You Accomplishing The Basics Necessary to Keep A Relationship On The Right Path, Then GET THEM TO FUCK .... Sex, Affection, Love, KINDNESS, Tenderness, Generosity & Consideration ALL Require A "Depth" which a significantly-high percentage of People simply Don't HAVE Neuro-anatomically in Their Amygdala, moreover, WITHOUT High-Function Frontally in Their Brain People RELY on Their upbringing & society to TEACH Them how to BEHAVE in Relationships instead + But, since Society is run by Lunatics the result is All-round Self-destruction, through disinformation BOMBARDING Easily MISLEAD People, Who COMPLICATE matters more because They "either" feel that's the way it Should be or for pseudo-revenge against Objects for sexual-gratification & perpetuation of "delusions" of Grandeur, A.K.A. Anti-Social Psychopathy .... Moral-imbecility has been INGRAINED into Most People's Pathology by the paedophile-ring on-high DICTATING what's CORRECT to Think, since They...