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This Song is About Modern-Day slavery, which Most People are Subject to, for a Fraction of What They Deserve, so that Severely-Mentally-Handicapped "Psychopaths" can get-off-on Taking what They KNOW They've No Entitlement to, for simply Watching You Slave & Shouting at You, whilst You're Doing it, for which They "Deserve" BRUTAL, MERCILESS, PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCE .... My World+Famous Social+Experiments in The Field are Essentially "Giving People A Chance" to Redeem Their Soul & PROVE That They're Human, however, in the VAST Majority of Cases "IF" You Give Anyone the Opportunity to Make A Decision, then, almost EVERY SINGLE TIME, without Exception for Eternity, the Moral-Imbecile will "Make" the wrong Choice, to exercise what it's Chicken-brain perceives to be power .... The Fundamental lack of Self-Awareness People have, which can Shock You, is due to Them Lacking Frontal Lobe Function, without Which They're Essentially a Shaven-Monkey, if They also Lack any DEPTH of Emotional Capacity then They're more like an Insect in Human Form, if They Lack The Moral Componentry in The Centre of The Prefrontal Cortex then the ONLY thing Preventing Them from getting sadistic pleasure from cruelty, They're addicted to, is YOU "Providing" Them with what They Know WILL Be BRUTAL MERCILESS PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCE, if They DARE to Betray You hypocritically .... The Modern-day workplace is BUILT on that Betrayal & ALL Psychopaths are attracted to Managerial Positions when They're best suited to a Collar & Leash Obliged with a Bell, as essentially They're Subhuman Vermin, Who Should Be Drowned & Burned if They become "wayward" .... They Live for purely Carnal pleasures of an ever-increasingly perverse fashion & LONG for the corruption of ancient Rome, which They'd like to Drag Us back to & ARE Trying to Do so, whilst You Sit in Eating Zionist-Jew infected unhealthily deep-fried Potato-Chips made of LIESON .... However, You CAN "DO" What IT 'takes' & The MORAL+Law of The Universe WILL...