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This Song is About Chronic Sentimentality, when You Trace It back You may find it was an Overbearing Parent Who Needs Their Cunt kicked-in Who's behind Milking what Was A Healthy Aspect of Your Character & turning it into a Self-destructive neurotically anxious Trait which They used to Milk at Will for Autistic delusions of Grandeur & omnipotent Mind-Control, whilst Masturbating-in-Plain-View + (Think Again ....) That Healthy "Depth" of Feeling You Have for A.N. Other, Who was Significant to You, is Being Channeled to & fro through Your Left+Frontal+Lobe, which is the Go+Between betwixt Your Body (Where Your Feelings For Others Take Place) & Your Amygdala where Your Feelings For Yourself are Located + It's GREAT That You're Capable of Feeling So Deeply For Others, however, There are Countless People Who Should Be drowned & burned, Who are cut-off from The MEANING of Life You're "Blessed" With & Who USE & Abuse Your Feelings "against" You, the same way an unruly BAD Parent does .... Psychopaths are obsessed with Mind-games, to ameliorate against having been born a Mental-Spastic .... They Feel having no Feelings for Others is an Advantage & They don't want to Play Second Fiddle in a relationship to You Just Because You Have what They imbecilically See as a weakness + So They See A.N. Object to Practice Their pish on & if that's pseudo-successful They move-on to Bigger Game & if it's not successful the "Lunatic" goes back 1 Square to a lower level of Prey, usually as debauched as Themselves, therefore no Challenge to Their inferiority-triggered jealous rage techniques, which RELY on You Not "Appropriately" Knocking utter fuck out of Them .... A Relationship Should Be Fun & Easy, if it's Not Then Either Party or Both are MAKING it NOT So + When hardships Come along in Life You Grow Together & Can Still Laugh & make it Easier on Each Other + However, there are Countless Lunatics out There Who get-off on "Making" Things hard on You if They can & then pretending You...