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This Song is About the duplicitous Character, deficit, of the Psychopath (Male or Fee-Male,) Who crave Being the Center of Attention & Proving to Themselves by Any means that it's You Who is the thing that They are & that lies are the Truth & Being inhuman is Superior to Being+Human & Pretending to Be Intelligent Proves "You" are not So High & Mighty & Their demented, Thankless, Self-deluded, Bigoted Chicken-brain has got pseudo-revenge against "past" Objects by Enlisting Your Help in being cruel towards You .... All of which relies on You Failing to Stoat Their Half-empty jabbering despicable low-life Head off a wall .... The Reality is They Know They're inadequate, They're playing You to get what They're after, Their Handicapped Chicken-brain will "Quickly" tell Any lie to remain Your Shiny new Chicken-hat, to perpetuate Their delusion & the con They're hell-bent on not Letting Your Autonomy ruin for Them, even-if They have to destroy You .... "SWING+AWAY" & Make Their Hair Fly !!!! As hard as it may Be to Believe for Anyone with Empathy & Self+Respect borne of A Moral Conscience & Innate Goodness, psychopaths try to ruin Kind People's Lives for the thrill & a buzz + They hope to hypnotise Their prey & ware You down, as They're sustained by the inside-knowledge that Only They Know They're conning You, which Keeps the Monkey elated .... They're wired back to front & Should be on a leash, if not neutered .... To Care for 1 WILL Be "used" against You, as They get High off of Gambling that You'll miss Them more than They miss You, as They Have NO Ability to Have FEELINGS in Their Body for Humans, thus the Only thing the Lunatic can feel is forever-slighted when Their Inhuman-Campaign "against" You fails, due to You Having Self+Respect .... However, shite like that are favoured by a complicit court-system of equally Morally-Insane Psychopaths in wigs .... They're All cold-hearted tiny-minded Lizards with High-Level Recall & Quick-fire Mouths, which Deludes You...