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This Song is About Putting Your Own Life before the Lunacy of Another Party. When You Have A Life You're SURFING then ONLY Allow Someone Else onto Your Surf+Board Who isn't going to drag You down to Their preferred misery-position, which They've figured gives Them the Right to be Pandered to, so They can Milk You, ranging from simply Being a drag, all the way through to a Psychopath deliberately trying to cause You ambient-abuse, to slowly ware down Their Prey, Dominate & Control Your Life. NO MATTER Who You Are or What You're Worth, Shite like that Only have 1 M.O. programmed into Their tiny reptilian Chicken-brain, which You can See on an fMRI Brain-Scan. ie The Arial+View Shows there's simply an "X" Shape Pathologically in use, the Rest of the Brain is UNUSED, They're simply a furtive animal scurrying to & from the Center of Their Brain + They're a DESPICABLE sexually-deviant infant, at best. If You look at Their Brain from the Side, it's like Holding Your Hand Up & Make the Letter C, The Rest of The Brain is Completely Non-Functioning, more-over The FRONT of Their Brain eats little if-any Sugar. THAT'S a Psychopath & That's what TYPE of Brain is running & Deliberately Ruining EVERY Country. Shite like that want a World WITHOUT Competition, baby ALWAYS cheats & prides itself on having worked out a way of Being more Clever than Able+Brained Fully+Functioning Humans Who'd NEVER Dream of Being ruthless, 1-dimensional, debauched, pathologically-dishonest & INHUMAN towards Others. When You study enough of that Walking-shite You Tighten Up on Your Own Morals & Realise the GULF between An Evolved+Mind, Ideals for A Life WORTH Living & what those sewer-rats See as They scurry around a "primitive" brain We MUST rid Ourselves of as a Species. For no-matter-what Heinous crime the Vermin commit against You, They simply See Themselves as Fun-Loving criminals + When baby feels BAD, Their "proto-emotional" Amygdaloid capacity, arrested in it's development behind an...