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This Song reveals how Psychopaths brains are primitive, wired backwards and comorbid with limitations similarly to an Animal's brain .... It's a WARNING to All Those Who'd target You to OUT Their Mental-Handicap-borne JEALOUSY & to further raging-baby's, "temporarily" soothing, delusions of Grandeur .... You'll meet DeceptaCONS throughout life, 1 of the TELLS is "Not Being Able to Help Them," STOP Trying & LAUNCH the Cunt .... Another Tell is PRETENDING They want to Work with You then FAILING to Keep Their End Up, Stay Calm, HAMMER & Then LAUNCH the Vermin .... Another Tell is, "MAKING" Trouble, which is a "DELIBERATE CHOICE" & You mustn't make ANY Excuse for Them, simply EXECUTE Them if They RESIST You Spaying or Castrating Them .... No matter what Walk of Life You're in, RATS believe YOU are going to Attack Them, so Attack You 1st, as that's Their Chicken-brain's animal "perception" of Reality, which ISN'T Reality, it's simply a low-life piece of Garbage BEGGING You to Provide Them with BRUTAL, MERCILESS, Physical "CONSEQUENCE," DO SO .... Disabuse Yourself of the Notion that You need pseudo-AUTHORITAAAHS to deal with Snakes, the AWFUL Reality is that They're TRAITORS in Uniform, getting-off on You having paid Their wages to KEEP snakes OUT & You IN the "ambient abuse" .... Chicken-brained Psychopaths are OBSESSED with Trying to Outflank what Their tiny-mind believes is Your SYSTEM, when the Reality is They're an unselfaware LUNATIC, Hoping to Be Your Chicken-hat, deluding itself that it's Controlling Your Perception of Reality, as You Have HUMAN FEELINGS In Your Body which it HASN'T GOT .... Moreover, You're More EVOLVED in Countless ways, which is "WHY" They ALL want to Drag Us back into the Stone Age, so Emotionally-incontinent-baby gets to Evolve FIRST .... "So There ...." This Song ADVISES You to See that They're MISERABLE because You're Not & Your Happiness is an Afront to Their Lunacy "&" PROOF to Their confirmatory-biased Chicken-brain that You...