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This Song is About the slavery we sell ourselves into, which countless Christs throughout time have been ASSASSINATED for exposing, it's called "USURY" and is used by paedophiles to indenture you with ENDLESS UNPAYABLE made up DEBT. Which of course is CRUELTY, which some may call evil. 1 of many Christs, Jesus of Nazareth, famously kicked fuck out the Zionists-Jews behind it it, during that era and was promptly crucified, even-though Those Jews had to swear on-record that Their God and Religion was made-up-pish and that a homosexual emperor was god's son on earth instead. They did so and Jesus was promptly set-up and nailed up. Another Christ, Abrahama Lincoln, decided he'd GET RID of the federal reserve, which was the modern-day equivalent of the money-changers Jesus kicked about the temple almost 2 millenia earlier. Within a short period of printing Green-backs and ENDING the corrupt game pitted-against the INNOCENT, Abraham was promptly ASSASSINATED, in Public. Another Christ, JFK, decided he'd do the SAME and get rid of USURY, reprinting Lincoln's doomed Green-backs, shortly-after JFK was blown-away, in Public. Martin Luther King, another living Christ, famously managed to get a MARCH of 1 million PEACEFUL men and the universe sent him a psychopath called Malcolm X, who ENCOURAGED him to ARM the next march and overthrow the Zionist SCUM behind indentured slavery perpetuated by usury, which exists in YOUR Programmed-Mind so that UNFEELING inhuman Chicken-brains can delude Themselves They're more intelligent than You, and worse, so the SEXUAL DEVIANTS can FUCK KIDS and PRETEND They're making sacrifices to satan. You couldn't make it up. I'm organising a 1,000,000 ARME MORAL+HUMAN BEING MARCH on Their POSITIONS, to CUT THEM OFF at source, rather than marching towards EMPTY buildings, whilst Zionists and their lick-spittle complicit army of sexual-DEVIANTS are JUST OVER THERE watching and waiting, whereafter 'they' assassinated MLK down, in public AND Malcom...