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Psychopaths don't Develop beyond 5, They're GOADING the Human Race to Knock fuck out of Them, "DO SO," as It's 100% Moral to Provide the 100% immoral with "Brutal, Merciless, Physical CONSEQUENCE ...." .... The Paedophile-ring of Zion, have been "Programming" You since They "Obligated" You into Concentration-Campus in Infancy, AKA "Ambient Abuse," where They've Attempted to "CHOOSE" Your REACTION to "IMMORALITY" For You !!!! GET ANGRY, BECOME MORALLY+OUTRAGED & Then GO Kick A Psychopath's Head off, ESPECIALLY if They're "Walking" in & out of Parliament, Go NEUTER a Man-Hating Lesbian Psychopath PREYING on Men in ANY Walk of Life, go HAMMER a "Mad" Poof for what They're FAMOUS for, ie "HATE SPEECH" & deMORALising Society for "existential revenge," because They HATE "HUMANS," Because They're "NOT" Human, THUS Why "They" Invented Human-Rights, to Give You the Illusion of Sanctuary from Their Perpetual ABUSE of YOU .... Rights You Wouldn't Need if You "Weren't" Being DELIBERATELY slowly-killed by Creatures which are NOT FUCKING "HUMAN" !!!! EXECUTING Anti-Social Psychopaths Who RESIST Us Neutering Them IS The "FINAL+SOLUTION" as AFTER All the Confirmed "BAD" People (ie Lunatics) Are DEAD, then BAD THINGS "STOP" happening, as a Direct Result of That FACT !!!! Whereafter We Can Ingrain MORAL+EMPATHY into The Minds of Home+Schooled Children, Raised by Mothers Who DON'T Go into Zion to "slave" & With FATHERS Who aren't Fleeced by Paedophiles-in-wigs Helping Man-Hating bi-sexual Fee-Male Psychopaths get pseudo-revenge for what She's PRETENDING to Blame Him for, instead .... TO THE RIVER with "Them" & then BURN Them ALIVE if They refuse to drown, as Hanging's TOO GOOD for Them .... They've TAUGHT You Helplessness & to become decadent & LIMP .... Get off Your Arse, GET ANGRY & Let's Go Get 'Em .... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to This Song UNTIL You "SEE The Final+Solution" & Are READY to "DO" Something about it .... As Otherwise You're...