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This Song is About shallow People Attracted to Confidence in Others, When We're Flyin+High, but Who TEST that Confidence in Us to See-if They've got powers-invisible to Bring The More+Evolved Person down + Whom the perpetrator unjustifiably CONvinces Themselves is Lucky, which is An Unselfaware-Admission They Know Themselves to be Walking-Shite Who Shouldn't be given the time of Day .... The Core-Component of Psychopathy, which Allows Vermin to be what They are, ie A Walking disgrace, is the Fundamental-lack of "Self-Awareness" from the Limited Function They have at the Front of Their Chicken-brain, due to a Fucked Uncinate+Fasciculus, without-which They slowly-OUT Their primitive Naked "Moral-Imbecility," in pursuit of Control over ego-dystonic Objects .... DEATH to Them, My Undercover World+Famous Sociological+Experiments have Revealed that Walking-Shit, Whom I'd to Magnify to the Nth+Degree to See Their "Soft-Shoe-Shuffle," way down in Camp-Angle, where They Practice-to-Deceive as They've GENUINELY Got a Tiny-Mind that Needs Kicked out of Their Rotten head .... They THINK You MUST Think the Way They do, if You Give Them the time of Day + So They can't BEGIN to Fathom A CHARITABLE+Man Donating to Vulnerable Children around The World + MADE that-way by Zionist-Jews & Their armies of Sexual-Deviants PRETENDING to be AUTHORITAAAHS, Who ALL Need Castrated & Spayed or EXECUTED for "Enjoying" Genocide + Which relies on You DOING-nothing & Thinking Morally-Insane Sex-Addicts, masturbating-in-plain-view, are AUTHORITAAAHS, when They KNOW They're FUCK-ALL !!!! They're 1-dimensional Creatures, thus Their woefully-nauseating GREED & Lengths They're prepared to go to Against GENEROUS Kind+People, Whom They Think are DAFT for Donating to Their UNWORTHY Cause + EXECUTE Them + You'll Find When They've calculated You've nothing-left to-offer or have worn You down, then Baby moves on to another Source, predictably PRETENDING it's You to blame for it's shit up the walls ......