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This Song is About Prostitutes (Male & Fee-Male) pretending to be Human, Who are Suddenly attracted to You when You Begin to Become Successful, whilst having Overcome less mobile agents-of-cruelty Throughout Your Life Already + You'll Find that The People You Already Know "TURN" & reveal "what" They are too, ie Hell-bound Talentless Vultures & sick Psychopaths getting-off on Conning Others into Pretending & Hoping-along with Their imaginary-self-image ameliorating Narrative + Practiced-Pish, which They Hope will Confound You into Feeling You have to Explain to the Subhuman what They "Already Know," when the 100% Moral & Appropriate REACTION is Moral+Outrage .... Which They're "Hoping" You have, for excitement in Their flat-lining disgraceful Junkie-brain, as the High-functioning retard Has "calculated" You'll Not Provide Them with "Brutal, Merciless, Physical CONSEQUENCE" + DO SO !!!! As IT's The ONLY Thing which MIGHT Ever Teach the otherwise irreversibly-perverse Genetic-slime that slithers around You when You're Going Places, that They've NO RIGHT to + In the Same Way CindErol's ugly Sisters couldn't fit Their Giant Muckle Feet down into The Glass Slipper + Their Hideously Ugly TRUE Face "temporarily" hidden to Accrue The Right to a Lifestyle for Their AIRHEAD to then "begin" it's Creeping Concentrated-Hatred, borne of Existential-revenge for what They've NO Entitlement to, on Account of CHOOSING to "Become" what They ARE, as a Direct Result of Their LIFE-LONG tiny-minded cruel-hopes & unwarranted attacks on Others + When They Otherwise Could've been A Part of Success Stories + But Baby Shit-for-brains wants to Pull the Ballroom down if They're not Queen .... Whether They're Male or Fee-Male Anti-Social Psychopaths will "think up" an Approach to Your Life, which, from the Moment Their Chicken-buzzer chooses to put Their Socks on & Approach Your Life They DESERVE to Be Executed + If You can't Bring Yourself to DO That, at least Neuter Them & if You can't...