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Singers Liel Kolet and Ebi (Ebrahim Hamedi) used their gifted voices to send a message of peace to the world. Kolet is an Israeli singer from Jewish parents and musician Ebi is a Muslim from Iran. Both have experienced war and strife in their home countries. The duo are activists and have dedicated their craft to promoting peace and religious tolerance around the world. Their song, "I Can Hear Christmas," brings a message of peace and unity through the most recognized Christian holiday. SOUNDBITE: Liel Kolet, singer, saying (English): "I thought it completes the message of the song to have those three religions together in a message of unity and of course Christmas is just a beautiful holiday. I'm Jewish and I love Christmas with all the lights and the family being together. It's not about the religious part of this holiday, it's about the whole atmosphere of this holiday, which is about unity and celebrating together. Through this song we are actual