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or, I warn you to finish reading this before you consider buying the program! There are product, system launches, and sales videos that come out every day. Promoting different opportunities to work from home or ways to promote your business. Unfortunately many of these products under deliver or are close to scams! Is FXautomater by Forex Diamond a scam? Ill let you decide. It sounds like it may be a decent product. HOWEVER if youre anything like me... meaning you want to make money online without having to spend money to do it; now or later. Then Ill say FXautomater may not be the best fit for you. The main point here is it is NOT free. My goal is to help people start making money online without coming out of their pockets... if they so choose. The system I am presenting involves not bothering family and friends. No soliciting phone calls. No door-to-door sales. Also no contacting people who arent interested. - NO Selling- NO Waiting for a paycheck- Set your own hours- The ability to work from home Why would I do this? I do this because in this economy everything penny counts and your time spent is just as valuable as your money spent.