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Download my album, "PONY 2012", here: (Album version is a tad different, btw) ...or if you really only want the one track, go here: My Soundcloud account: A non-pony version can be found here: Here's an instrumental version, if you wanted to sing either versions yourself: And here's the stems if you're feeling creative: This one's more about Pinkie's world, though the eyes of her best friend or lover. I'd had this song in idea phase for ages, so I thank Toast Beard for getting this out of me. Picture drawn by SilentOink: Many thanks to Indeable, who helped with the lyrics of the second and third verse: :D :D :D It got an Equestria Daily post!!! Thank you, Equestrian Rhythm: LYRICS Verse 1: I know this is a generic chord progression But please go easy, I've got a lot on my mind right now See, I'm bordering insanity and depression I've gotta sort this out with you somehow I know you've always been a bubbly pony It seems spontaneity's your pastime Now I would understand if you call me stony But it's only 'cause I'm slowly losing my mind Pre-Chorus: You're just to crazy for me mare You're just to crazy for me mare Yeah. Chorus: I don't hate you. I really don't. It's just you're way more than I can handle. How can I show you, you can make it easier on me Please stop messin' with my head. Verse 2: I always turn to you when I need laughter You help me through the bad times and good But this time, I need saving from disaster And it seems that you have me...