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or submitter | Can It Help You? The Truth Revealed - Real Customer MS Review Magic Submitter discount link to the left. Or see my full blog post on Magic Submitter here. ... 00:09 Magic Submitter overview01:02 Why does Magic Submitter work03:22 Magic Submitter Campaigns04:09 Tutorial on Magic Submitter functions04:29 Discount Magic Submitter Offer05:01 Special Personal Magic Submitter Training05:34 Visit the Magic Submitter Review Blog PostAny magic submitter purchase from the links above will generate a commission for the channel owner.I purchased Magic Submitter a couple of months back because I was told that it was a kick arse way of getting backlinks to your blog posts and videos.Fast forward to now after going through all the trainings and using it on a daily basis......They were right it does kick ass. But how? Read on.Magic Submitter - Why do we need Magic Submitter ReviewIf you are an aspiring entrepreneur or online marketer, for you to sell anything, generate prospects or attract representatives you will need your content seen. When I say content, it could be a video, a blog post, an article, a website or one of many other mediums available. It is commonly known that Google is the number one search engine and Youtube ( owned by Google) is the second most used search engine. For your stuff to get found you will need to help it rise up the rankings in both Google and Youtube. On page optimisation aside, ranking is all down to backlinks, but not just any backlinks. Your links will need to come from a variety of locations, from many different types of media and from varied profiles.Magic Submitter -- What Will It Do?Here is the nuts. Magic Submitter posts to a variety of different blogs, article directories, bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, forums, Wikis, micro blogs(ie twitter), pdf sharing sites, video sites, profile sites and link directories just to name a few.The Magic Submitter Campaign mode is where this program exceeds