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Looking By My Window While the night is sleeping like a log,The sun’s turning all around the world.While the leaves are falling on the ground,The spring grows and springs somewhere elseWhile the captain’s giving some ice cream for crow yeahI’m still looking by my window While the king is going down the stairs,A hobo is looking at the skyWhile the queen is dancing with starsA criminal is shooting downWhile the wind is blowing up our heartsA madman’s dancing on embersAnd I’m still looking by my windowYes I’m still looking by my windowAnd the rain was crying in the darkAnd the wind was howling its painAnd my tears were falling on the groundAnd the train was following its roadWhile the fortune escapes from the beggarThe moon sets on fire the foamWhile a old man is grumblingA newborn is shouting its joyWhile my guitar gently weepsA cowboy is killing a crowAnd I’m still looking by my window