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With flags and posters in hand, thousands are protesting in Venezuela as a precursor to December 8 local elections. Marching through Caracas, protesters say they're frustrated over surging inflation and product shortages. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) OPPOSITION PROTESTER, CELIDE ROMERO YEPEZ, SAYING: "There is no milk, there is no bread flour, there is no sugar. There are olives, there are raisins but there is no milk. I've been looking for milk for a month and a half." That's not all. Some are angry about the Enabling Act, passed by parliament this week, giving President Nicolas Maduro special power to rule by decree for 12 months. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) OPPOSITION PROTESTER, AMANDA OCHOA, SAYING: "I am against the Enabling Act that has been shamelessly given to him (Maduro) and I will stay in the street as much as I can because I am fighting for my children, for my family, here in the street." The protests came hours after opposition leader Henrique