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or or watching streamed movies is no more one of the options of catching a movie; it has long since become the primary method of watching movies for people all across the world. This has resulted in an exponential increase of movie based download/streaming websites in the world. People no longer find it difficult to get movies online; they can do it with just a few clicks. As convenient as this method is, there are many difficulties and obstacles that frequent downloaders of movies face. The first menace that people will have to overcome is the threat of viruses and spywares that many movie files are loaded with. Many unscrupulous elements take advantage of the popularity of downloadable movies and load the download files with viruses that infect the computers.++++++People will always need to be on their guard when they download movies from questionable sources. The second most common problem is that of copyright issues. Movies are highly priced entertainment commodities and people will have to pay a premium for watching or distributing them. People who download or watch illegally streamed movies, always run the risk of attracting copyright violation issues. The sites that provide illegal content know this very well and make sure that their privacy is protected but the people who visit such sites do not have the luxury of these precautionary measures. Not only do they have the risk of willfully/unintentionally breaching the copyright laws, they have the additional risk of virus and computer attacks through the movie files.