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You wear your tie proudly but aren’t you tired of seeing others copy your style? It’s time for you to add the little touch that will make the difference. Of the three « advanced » knots that Robin Payet presents, this one is the easiest but still requires a bit of practice. The Trinity : Although the name and shape suggests a Christian or Celtic symbol, the similarities stop heresince the origin of this knot is vague. If, however, you’re treated like a saint, the knot is most likely not responsible. Instead, try the “Eldredge” or the Ediety. First of all lift up your collar. Place your tie around your neck. Adjust the two blades of your tie so that there is enough material on either side to create the knot. Come back to this step if necessary. Pinch the wide blade creating an indentation and place it under your neck. Pass the narrow blade behind the wide blade then behind the knot, pulling upwards so that the narrow blade is on the other side of the wide blade. Pass the narrow blade in front of the knot creating a band, then slip the narrow blade again up and inside the knot. Pass the narrow blade into the loop on the outside of the knot. Then pull the narrow blade behind the wide blade and pass the end of the narrow blade through the loop that forms on the top of the knot. This way you will obtain the form of a trinity. Adjust the knot. Place the remaining length of narrow blade inside the band around your collar. Fold down your collar. See you soon for new Pratiks videos.