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Google has finally commented on its mysterious barges floating near San Francisco and Portland, Me. Reports have speculated that the barges could be floating data centers, traveling Google Glass stores or showrooms with party decks. On Wednesday, Google issued its first statement on the matter, hinting that the barges are showrooms for new technology, which could include Glass. Apple customers with a broken iPhone may soon be able to get it fixed in-store. The firm is reported to be kitting stores out with spare parts, instruction manuals for the staff, as well as the recalibration machines needed for the installation of touch screens. Only repairs to the firm's latest phones, the 5S and 5C , will be undertaken--the wisdom of mending older models may interfere with Apple's planned in-store phone upgrade service . As well as replacing shattered screens, malfunctioning volume buttons, speakers, vibrating motors, and rear cameras will all be treatable by the Apple Store ER. Swiss scientists say Yasser Arafat ingested radioactive polonium, most probably as a result of a deliberate poisoning. The Swiss lab examined Arafat's remains and his underclothes and a travel bag that he had with him in the days before his death in a Paris hospital and found that the polonium and lead amounts could not be naturally occurring. Palestinian officials accuse Israel of poisoning him, a claim Israel denies. The timeframe of his illness and death were also consistent with polonium poisoning, they said. The Palestinian leader died in November 2004. Mozilla has a new way to persuade people to use the Android version of its Firefox browser: get hardware makers to preinstall it. On Thursday, Mozilla announced that new Kobo Arc tablets and the Gigabyte GSmart Simba SX1 smartphone will have the non-profit organization's mobile browser built in.