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It's so long for members of a white supremacist group in South Africa. A judge sentences five leaders of the Boeremag militia of apartheid loyalists to 35 years in prison for a plot to assassinate Nelson Mandela. Family members say goodbye as officials take the five leaders and their co-defendents away from the court room. The mastermind, former university professor Mike du Toit, was among those given a 35-year sentence. He was convicted last year of high treason. His wife says she finally has closure. (SOUNDBITE) (English) ESTHER DU TOIT, WIFE OF MIKE DU TOIT, SAYING: "I'm glad that I've got closure with it and I can move on with my life and I will tell my daughter as she grows older, this is what happened." The group's plot to assassinate South Africa's first black president involved planting roadside bombs where Mandela was due to travel. The plot was thwarted when Mandela traveled to his engagement by helicopter instead. Some of