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Kevin Smith's "movie revue" web series Spoilers is jumping to Canadian TV. The filmmaker's indie shingle SModCo Pictures has pacted with Halfire-CORE Entertainment to produce a second season of Spoilers exclusively for The Comedy Network in Canada. It's not a secret that Android has surpassed iOS in terms of mobile market share, and that it's well on its way to dominating the mobile market in much the same way that Windows has squashed Mac in the desktop arena for years. While Android loyalists take great pride in this fact, Apple could seemingly not care less. Microsoft has yet to get its hands on Nokia 's handset business, but the American technology giant got some good news Tuesday. Nokia, the struggling Finnish telecommunications company, said it sold 8.8 million of its high-end Lumia smartphones in the third quarter of the year, a 19 percent increase from the previous quarter. Nokia also sold 55.8 million low-cost phones over the same period, a small quarterly rise. Despite rising smartphone sales, Nokia still reported an overall operating loss from the handset business, which continues to struggle from low-cost competition from manufacturers using Google 's Android operating system. Google's social network might not have the fire power the company would like, especially now that Facebook has gone public and Twitter is on its way to doing so. But Google+ has steady footing in some sets. Shutterbugs, in particular, have embraced the service and on Tuesday Google doubled down on these users, adding a bevy of photography tools.