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Today on the net: Australian web users praise the firefighters battling the flames in New South Wales; a sexist video stirs up controversy among French netizens, and a mini-pig becomes the latest Instagram sensation. Australia: web users show support for firefighters It’s been a week now and wildfires continue to burn across the state of New South Wales in Australia. Some 3 000 firefighters have been deployed to contain and combat the flames and they have been receiving widespread and warm praise online.Web users have been posting messages to Twitter hailing the exceptional bravery of the firefighters who are willing to risk their life to save another: courageous men and women who many are holding up as heroes.Dozens of social networkers have been sharing photos or videos like these ones online showing the fire fighters in action ... astonishing images that give an insight into the harsh conditions they are facing and the seriousness of the situation.As we can see in these pictures that have been widely relayed by Australian web users, fire fighters are exhausted and sometimes do not even have the strength to return to their vehicle to take a break from containing the flames: they catch sleep wherever they can.Sexist video sparks online outrage in FranceThis video has racked up over 2 million views on YouTube and has sparked an online outrage in France. Loosely translating as “how to kiss a stranger in 10 seconds”, it features national radio presenter, Guillaume Pley, approach women in the street and try to get them to kiss him in a short a time as possible; and of course it’s all captured on a hidden camera.It was inspired by this clip posted... Go on reading on our web site. our website:http://www.france24.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: