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Cherry blossoms lined the red carpet for the closing night of the London film festival, which also marked the world premiere of "Saving Mr. Banks." This is Tom Hanks' second visit to the festival, as he opened it with "Captain Phillips", although this time he found a way of dealing with the autumnal weather. (SOUNDBITE) Actor Tom Hanks (English) saying: "It's bloody cold here in Leicester Square. I have a spoonful of sugar in this too." And that leads us to "Saving Mr Banks" - the latest Disney film about their very own Walt Disney and his struggles with formidable author P.L. Travers while producing "Mary Poppins." (SOUNDBITE) Actress Emma Thompson (English), saying: "They've got behind something that's about the boss and a boss that's been so iconic and protective for so many years so it's very brave of them actually." Thompson plays the fortified author who seemed to find everything distasteful, so what would she make of the premiere?