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The Making of Bailiwick Common Episode 3 (EXTRA) Character Development Rough Concept This is a very rough conceptualisation of one of the characters which will be involved in the series I am creating in this "making of" series. Please remember that the assets in this video are not the ones which will eventually be used in the actual "Bailiwick Common" but are used just to help plan and develop everything which will be created as part of this tutorial series. This equally applies to the stock character used in the concept video presented here. One of the methods I am using to develop the characters in "Bailiwick Common" involves composing musical themes for individual "actors". I find it beneficial as it creates a general feel to the characters. Presented by Bob Noble for 1BillionHex For more information please visit the following links Support this and the other work done by Bob Noble by visiting the following sites and iClone and other Reallusion packages available from: