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Meet the men of Pakistan's 'hurt locker'... a bomb disposal unit in Peshawar. And here's how they detonate explosive devices... with some ageing detonator cord confiscated from the Taliban shoved into a water bottle (nats) and tape. This low cost, and extremely dangerous method is symptomatic of a larger problem-- a police unit severely lacking in funds and manpower to handle the overwhelming demand. As the head of Pakistan's bomb disposal unit explains, there's no money for supplies, let alone competitive salaries to entice volunteers. (SOUNDBITE) (English) HEAD OF PAKISTAN' S TOP BOMB DISPOSAL UNIT, SHAFKAT MALIK KHAN, SAYING: "One reason is that the job is very difficult, the second is that they are not having extra benefits or privileges or something in the shape of monetary benefits." The bomb disposal unit in Peshawar also has a handful of bomb suits, sniffer dogs and remote-controlled bomb disposal robots. But the equipment is spread over the